Tea fixes everything.

You see, my room is so cold my cup that changes colors based on the temperature is bright magenta when it’s supposed to be white, my windows are sporting a lovely coating of frost, and I had to break out the rainbow monkey hat in order to survive.


Personally, I assign full blame on the twelve-floor monstrosity that is Tamarack hall. Of course, only in Bemidji would a twelve-floor building be considered a monstrosity but, hey, we work with what we got, including inefficient heating systems.

Alas, I digress. I did not begin this post to complain about the fridged air of my dorm room. I came here to talk about tea. Tea is amazing. It’s warm, the Brits swear by it and your sophistication level increases by four with every cup. Down in the cities (meaning Minneapolis/Saint Paul area) there is this magical place called Tea Garden (or in Woodbury there’s The Steepery). Essentially, they are the same places minus the fact that Tea Garden gives out free Onion magazines and Steepery does not. Oh, and there is nothing better than being served a large yogurt chai latté with pearls by a guy with approximately three dreds to his name, something you will definitely not experience in Woodbury, Minnesota. Seriously, the alternative boundaries between the cities and the suburbs are spectacular to observe.

That’s probably the biggest thing I miss about living in that area. I haven’t found one tea place in Bemidji (if you know of one please share your eternal wisdom). There are two locally owned Herbalife shake shops, a Dunn Bros, a Star Bucks, a couple other coffee places I can’t remember the names of and JavaCity here on campus but no tea places. I miss my shake that tastes like pumpkin pie!

For the sake of tea lovers everywhere, Bemidji…

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4 thoughts on “Tea fixes everything.

  1. I don’t know if you have been to Cantabria in your search for tea and I honestly don’t know if they serve tea but I have made an inquiry and, unless you post back and you already know the answer to this question, I will get back to you when they get back to me.

    • Kay just got a response and I quote, “We offer a large variety of loose leaf organic teas!”
      If you have never been to Cantabria it is in, what I’ve always heard referred to as the downtown area. On 2nd street between Beltrami and Minnesota ave nw.

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