What’s next for blogging: I try to predict the future.

In The Beginning: [1980]

THERE WAS USENET! What’s that? Well, basically some guys made a world wide discussion board.


Then we can journey through 1994-2001:





In addition to just an “online diary,” blogs introduced entirely new tools only available through the web: permalinks, blogrolls, and trackbacks.

Then comes the politics: [2001-2004]

Now people can give live/public commentary on their favorite political happenings!

Keying up to the present: [2004-now]



Certain questions will be answered: what makes “the perfect” blog?

Blogging will become a way to portray your personality. If you seem to be a generally likable person in your posts, more people will support you.


Instead of petty judgments being thrown out face-to-face in direct confrontations, they will be thrown out blog-to-blog.


Everything will be considered an experiment.


Soon, all forms of communication will be done through the blogosphere. Instead of langage barriers, there will be coding errors. “HTML” will be used in everyday web conversation. People will be more afraid of the network crashing than the market crashing. Even worse, hashtags will be everywhere. #SpringBreak2003


Blogging will fade away like the tamagotchi you never fed.

*All information from sections In The Beginning through Keying up to the present (a.k.a. the historical sections) came from here. Thank you Wikipedia! This is why I give you money every once in a while.

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15 thoughts on “What’s next for blogging: I try to predict the future.

  1. Dude…hashtags are already everywhere. You bring up some fantastic points though.

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  4. Impressive. What you have here is an index to a history of blogging – with some lite commentary: an aggregation and annotation. That shows how visual indices can work, and makes it a valuable jumping off point for repurposing.

    The valuable links are the ones not to Wikipedia but to the more specific sources, especially when they gloss terms you use in your index, like sousveillance. That make the index more of a guide. So who as Justin Hall, anyway?

  5. To put it simply, he is a man who loves computers. The long-version can be found at his website: http://links.net/vita/

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  9. You give money to Wikipedia? I wish I had money to give to Wikipedia. But I’ll continue to perform in my niche as the guy who comments on less important elements: I love your humor in this. No one cares that Julie kissed Ben or how you’re going to murder her, but they’d love to know how to get rid of the bodies they’ve killed.

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  14. I just remembered covering this years ago: Blogging Predicted in 1800s? A fascinating thought and perception of this prediction.

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