The weekly review: RuneScape edition

I recently began my expedition throughout the RuneScape world while posting anythign I’ve learned, the adventures I had and whatnot. It was a relatively quiet week since Potam, the character I created is still in her early levels.

The Terms and Conditions

This was my introductory post to inform any potential readers what exactly it was that I would be doing. I had a comment on it from a fellow player which is always a confidence boost. I ran into a few issues when I tried to add a recurring music player to the blog. Apparently I have to pay more money which was definitely not going to happen.

Let’s begin, shall we?

This is how I created Potam. I go through the step by step process, describing my experience and comparing it to what the old edition of RuneScape was like. I tried a couple of new things for this post. I wanted to add in a couple of screen shots all in a row along the bottom but I couldn’t quite figure out how until I discovered the gallery view. This make the post look much more put together. I also threw in a poll at the bottom to make it more interactive.

Graduated. Now what?

Potam is finally out of the Tutorial there are a couple of things I had to go into quite a bit of detail on so I didn’t get very far on the recording of Potam’s adventures. As for meeting new people, I met one person and we had a conversation that lasted about thirty seconds. Next week I will be moving to more populated worlds so as to increase these interactions.

What a load of lodestones.

This post I also did not go into detail about Potam but I did address certain things any new player may be confused about like lodestones. It was hard to choose the screen shots for this post considering there were so many. I think I might try making a gallery of extra shots at the very end if this happens again. That way if anyone would like to have more information on something, all my data is there.

I also began a Twitter account for this character and you can follow it here for post updates as well as RS updates.

Some issues I had this week:

  1. The fact that Twitters new widget for streaming tweets via a search term does not work and hasn’t been working for the past six months. I spent hours trying to find a way around this but I guess it just isn’t going to happen for me.
  2. My music issue was annoying but I can see how it’s for the best. Not everyone wants to listen to RuneScape ambiance.
  3. At one point my computer crashed because I was running too many programs. I now have to play RuneScape, take notes, and then go on WordPress and record them.

I look forward to seeing where this bog can go.


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One thought on “The weekly review: RuneScape edition

  1. “Next week I will be moving to more populated worlds so as to increase these interactions.” Looking forward to this –

    I noticed you got a like on the last post. Congrats, I guess.

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