Studio tours: Where I judge people for a grade.

First we’ll begin with Dennis Staples and his wiki work:

Working a wiki is a tough job and as we can see in your first review, you were practically the only guy doing it! I had never heard of anything minutely like the Abarat series so reading your first article was definitely…eye opening…Well written, though! I feel like I might need to check this series out. There are times where you admit not knowing something or you don’t remember something and you deliberately do not write about it. I really respect that because there are far too many wikis out there that simply fudge the details if they don’t know just to fill space. 

Excellent work on the series summary! I can tell you have a strong passion for these works and it clearly shows in how you write about them. There are so many names to keep track of, as if the seven John brothers weren’t hard enough. You added just as much and as little as you could and still made the summary enjoyable. Coming from someone who checks up on her favorite series’ wikis often, I really appreciate this! Keep up the good work.


Next on the docket would be Sir Matthew Lavrenz and his adventures through his MInecraft world:

Seriously this kid has done some work. In the beginning he had nothing but walked us through every step of the process to survival. To new Minecrafters this is a pivotal point. If you do not have a basic understanding of what dark terrors await in the night you will die, and often.

His latest post shows just how far he’s come. I’m a Minecafter myself and I learned a lot from these posts and got some pretty cool ideas for my own projects. He also goes into more detail than just playing the game. He talks about modding and texture packs which are things some people don’t even mess with because they’re so confusing. He substantiates his posts with screen shot that really help with some of the processes… not to mention he adds a healthy dose of sarcasm with every post. You know, just to lighten the mood.

 Something I found particularly useful was his post about enchanting and what enchantments do what. He is obviously very dedicated to this project and has some enjoyment in what he’s doing. Good on you, sir. Good on you.


Thirdly we have Ryan Heilman’s wiki work on the Age of Fire series:

He had quite the job ahead of him when he started this project. I’m glad you admitted not knowing everything because with any six book series, it would be impossible. A lot of the recent wiki activity has been you so it looks as if you’re pretty much on your own with this one. I did some research and the work have done is excellent! It’s very informative and doesn’t fluff anything. It gets straight to the point and if I were looking the Ghi-men up, that is exactly what I’d want. Once again, long series like this need these wiis to help fans and newcomers out as much as possible so on behalf of all the people who actually use these, thank you.

You still have a lot of work ahead of you, but so far so good! 



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A quick review.

I think I’m starting to get the hang of posting everyday. However, I still don’t feel like my post-length is enough but I feel that will develop in due time. 

Here are my posts from this week, front and center:

  1. My blurb on blogs
  2. Links and whatnot
  3. My tid-bit about the author.
  4. Breast cancer bras.
  5. My digital artifact

I started this week with a general idea in mind but after receiving my less-than-passing Bootcamp 2013 grades, I had to step it up a notch. I went through an re-vamped my previous posts. I found a length that seemed to be suitable. I actually did research (even though it turned me into a Google Search robot). I even figured out how to embed videos, one of my more derpy moments. Who knew copy/paste could fix all my problems? The saddest part was that I alreay knew how but my brain just didn’t want to make that connection.

I started going out of my way to find new things. My excerpt on Victoria’s Secret made me want to go out and look for more information. Who were these spectacular women with this spectacular goal? I found out and then I dove further. 

My ironic post about the worthlessness of blogging brought out my “approximately zero cares can be found here” voice. I really want to find a way to combine that with my Google Search robot. I feel once those two learn how to be a happily married couplet, I may or may not be on to something.

I am interested to move forward from here. It seems with every post I learn something new. I think I’ve read the word “snarky” so many times it’s beginning to pop up in my everyday vocabulary; it always comes with a scowl, too. Thanks, Morgan. If my face sticks this way, I blame you.

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